Unequaled experience inside LacertA wine's home

We would like to invite you to come and taste the Lacerta Wines exactly where they are produced! You will also have the opportunity to see the way our wines are made, to taste them and to buy the perfect wine.

Please be kind to inform us on the date and the number of persons to come and visit Lacerta. We shall contact you as soon as possible to confirm the dates you have chosen.

There is also the possibility to choose one of the two options of tasting the Lacerta wines:

First impression

3 out of the 20 available varieties may be chosen.

59 Lei.

Intensive Tasting

6 out of the 20 available varieties may be chosen.

79 Lei.

While tasting the wines, we would be glad to present a brief description of the Lacerta wines and of the production process.

Upon request, visits can also be organized to:

  • - The winery where the barriques (wine barrels) are kept
  • - The wine cellar – the place where wine is made before it is stored in barriques
  • - The vine estate

As accommodation close to our winery we recommend: sau

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The winery is closed for visits and tastings:

8 JUNE - 9 JUNE 2024

23 JUNE - 24 JUNE 2024

1 AUGUST - 18 AUGUST 2024

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