Vintage Collection

Age changes wine as everything in nature changes over time. But age alone does not make better wine. Producing a top vintage wine starts with good grapes. Nature, through soil, climate, altitude of the vineyards or flora affect the taste of wine. The way in which environment impacts the taste is called terroir. On top of the terroir comes the art of wine making in the cellar.

At LacertA, we use the gravitational principle to avoid mechanical aggressions and store the wine in barrique barrels of high-quality oak that add specific flavors. If the young wine is great, the old wine, stored with mastery will be wonderful.

Our Vintage Collection is a combination of precision and spontaneity and reflects our approach of integrating nature, technology and craft.

The LacertA vintage wines are made from grapes harvested starting from 2009 which attain their utmost expression through the non-invasive processing and storage techniques.